Hello fellow volunteers! :)
Andala here to update the blog just a little.

On the last Friday session (which coincidentally is Friday the 13th),
Aini and I went back to see how sessions are going.
A few older volunteers were present, namely Chee Yang, Haqeem and of course, Nadrah.

I thought that session was carried out quite smoothly,
and that the volunteers are getting better!
You guys have come up with different ways to make the children's learning smoother,
and have learnt to step up to the leadership role.
All of you have so much potential, so please do your best for Gift! :D

Moving on, all of us stayed back for briefing and we have discussed several
issues that we think needs attention.
The volunteers gave solutions and suggestions, and I was happy to see everyone
opening up and sharing their opinions.
We have debated on the issues and have sort of come up with a temporary measure.
But let's hope things get finalised soon, so that everyone has a lesser burden to think about.

One of the things we discussed was the Gift t-shirt.
Most of the volunteers wanted a new t-shirt,
so we have put together our ideas for a tentative design.
Anyone with suggestions can voice them.

So, I guess that is about it from me now.
Let's work hard to keep this blog updated, shall we? :D
Till then, annyeong! :)


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