06 August 2010

06 August 2010
Dajie finally came for Gift this semester with Auntie! :D

Andala's got a new hairstyle! She's pretty with her bangs! My favourite Gabrielle with me!
Chaos! Haha!

Andala and I!
Andala with tard!

I took this video of this super cute kid. I'll upload the video later!



It's been a while since I came for Gift. I must say, seeing the kids made me so happy! Even though there are now less children, it's still a lot of fun. Also, the ratio seems better as the children get more attention from the volunteers. There's also a lot more one-to-one interaction between the children and volunteers. The children all seem very happy. :D

Anyhow, guys, it was great fun for me as well. Thank you! (:


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