Overview of GOR 2010 ~ Term1 Week 2 (Fri)

Hello Everyone!

Generally, for Friday sessions, it was a great improvement compared to last week (1st session) because volunteers were much more prepared on the session plans through efforts in SMS relays and email chains.

However, a "test-run" to the Purple room (Fri) on Readers Theatre (explored during the camp) proved to be a failure because of its complexity and is considered challenging and confusing to children. It was quickly substiuted with Small book reading, hence averting a "terrible setback".

Relative comments by experienced volunteers (Aini, wenxin, Andala, CheeYang) directed to Purple Grp:
  • A good way to end the session by asking "Children, what have we done today? What book did we read?" It help to recap the session and make a good wrap-up
  • Class IC should try to lead the class more often rather than help of SIC or experienced volunteers
  • Uneven distribution of volunteers (10 in purple, compared to 6 or 7 in other rooms). [Problem resolved, switched some over from Purple to Yellow & Green]

Comments/Reflections from the Purple Team!

Aishwarya: Today's session was more organised than the previous one. The children were engaged and attentive. But i think, there is futher room for improvement

Jin Jin: This session is not as chaotic as the first session. the children listen more attentively and participate more than the previous session. They will respone to our questions and instructions. So, overall, it is way better than the first session.

Sok Hian: Today's session was an improvement compared to last week thoughsome children had mood swings. I am sure things will get better as each week goes by.

Sandy: The session gone well and much more better than last week. There are so much things that couls be improved on...

Adna: Today's session was not as chaotic as the previous session. We managed to get closer to children and freely play with the children without pressure.

Amirin: I feel that GOR is very fun! But i think that we need to have the chilldren to play more games

Yellow Group:

- Session went out smoothly and there were not much of problem faced. Thumbs up for 2 consecutive weeks of safe "journey""

Comments/ Reflections from Yellow Group:

Sharnie: I enjoy taking big groups during small book reading. It was FUN! It's like having a small reading session. But, i find the time allocated was quite long. Basically, today's session was very successful

Shobana: Today's session was FUN! the children were cooperative! The game we came up with was successful! I just love my group!

Syafiqah: I really had fun for today's session. The children were active but they were interactive. It is enjoyable to be with the children doing the small group reading, but i find the time for the small book is too long and the games are too difficult for the children

Green Group: Not much of problem, except for one or two problematic children

Comments/ Reflections:

Weijun: i think that the performance of the volunteers are quite good. But, there is still room for improvement. The children are not bad today!

WeiKiat: I think the group is good and the children are cool and obedient.

I apologize for missing out anyone here, because some of the post-its pads are "nameless" and i cant possibly identify your identity from your handwritting or needless to say, conduct a fingprint check. (LOL) Hence, i labled "Anonymous"

Anonymous: Our group was lovely today, but some children were too quiet. A few are teary. It would have been great if i knew how to speak malay.

Anonymous: I felt very fun and the children was very attentive. except for one children who was very active. I can't take it too

Just a Wrapup! (Kenneth POV)

Well, I credit all volunteers for their enthusiasm and passion during sessions. The performance of the three rooms are heartening, although this year we had seen more children crying for their parents. I am glad to see that the restructuring of "toilet breaks" (Given a new stipulated toilet break time-table), resolved the problem of long toilet queues when all 3 rooms released children togather last week. However, i know that some volunteers cannot stay with us till very late. A group of 7 leave at 8.30pm. I hope that all volunteers starting from next session can stay till at least 9pm. We hope you could understand that small grp debrief and mass debrief holds different meaning. Small Grp breifing allows the team to improve as a whole as they understand their problems/troubles the most. Big Grp Briefings allows everyone to open up the views on learning from each and one another so as to enrich themselves better to be better equipped with techniques to handle sessions better... (P.S. Note: No one enforces you to stay till 9pm, I use "could" rather than "should/will..."But try! It is an effort from everyone! Isnt'it?)



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