Overview of GOR 2010- Term 1 Week 3 (Fri)

For the Friday session, we tried a new way of mass debrief. We started by writing the problems we faced in our own group and pass it down to the others to write down the soulutions they thought of to solve the problems and write down encouragements they want to give.

The following are the problems, solutions and encouragements by the respective volunteers:

Ding Feng
Problems: Books with contents that are hard to understand.
Solutions: Get a book with contents easy to understand. Do not read the words in the book but use the pictures instead.
Encouragements: Stay happy=]

Problems: Storybooks was too wordy and this make the children lose their concentration very fast during small book reading. One or two of the children are not very co-operative today and try to distract the other children who are paying attention. Frequent opening of the door distracted the children a lot.
Solutions: Summarize the book and do not read word by word. Do not read the words and use the pictures instead. For the children who are not co-operative, you can talk to them one to one. Make what you are doing so interesting that the children would not be distracted by the doors.

Problems: Small books were to difficult for the children to understand and also very wordy. Some of the children did not give us responses as the volunteerss carry out the activities. Some of the children did not listen to the volunteers.
Solutions: The volunteers can make the small book more interestuing. Choose a less wordy book. Try to avoid wordy books but you may have to follow the words and say the pictures instead.

Problems: Not much problems. Everything went smoothly. We even have extra time left which we proceed on with the games.
Solutions: Since there is no problems so there is no need for soulutions.
Encouragements: Jiayou! Good Luck!

Problems: Not much of problem as the children were quiet and listen attentively to us when we were doing dramatisation on the hare and tortise. Children come in early at 6.30pm and we did not finish preparing for the lesson. Still coul not remember the children's names.
Solutions: Try to finish preparing early. Find ways to remember the children's names. Try to play games with them if they come early. Try preparing some things the week before.
Encourangements: Keep up the good work! Jiayou! All the best! You have done your best!

Problems: Children were unable to comprehend what the book is saying, either the book is too difficult or the children are unable to understand. Children were more hyper today than the previous weeks which resulted them not paying attention.
Solutions: Maybe you can choose an easier book that they are able to understand or ask them to choos their own book. Must have as easier book.
Encouragement:Jiayou work harder!

Problems: Children not speaking in english but malay which is their own mother tongue. Could not understand what they are talking.
Solutions: Encourage them to speak english by replying back in english. Politely tell them to speak in english. Put a rule that only saying in english is allowed in the class.
Encouragements:Everything went quite well! Time management good! Lessons went smoothly!

Sok Hian
Problems: There were not much problems, just that children who came earlier were hyper and were running around.
Solutions: We should get a volunteer to sit down and find ways to entertain the children who came early while waiting for the rest of the children to arriveso to prevent them from injuring themselves. This is due to the fact that there is a possibility of falling down or knocking into things when they started running around. Engage the children in an activity.
Encouragements: Today's session was carried out smoothly and the children were engaged. Although it may not be perfectl carried out, it is considered quiet a great improvement and I am sure things will get better!

Problems: Conflicts over each other among the volunteers.
Solutions: Understand each other. Try tear them apart and talk to them in a firm voice. Tell them conflict is no good. Try accomodate each other. There is probably something that you have done wrong that left a bad impression on the others. Everyone has conflicts but depends on how u work on it to improve relationships.
Encouragements: Stay happy! Be happy! Jiayou!

Problems: A few unco-operative children.
Solutions: Identify what is wrong with the children. How and why they are unco-operative, is it because they are too active or too quiet. Then come up with seperate solutions. Find out what is wrong with the children and try to persuade them to be more co-operative.
Encouragements: Have faith!

Me (Samantha)
Problems: None as the class was awesome.
Solutions: Switch class to observe other classes.
Encouragements: Well Done! Amazing, keep up!

Problems: Very very wordy books. Newer volunteers still not used to sessions yet.
Solutions: Do not read the book word for word.

Chee Yang
Problems: Did not engage all the children. Volunteers kept to themselves. Volunteers need to be more serious and practise more situational awareness.
Solutions: Volunteers can afford to have some time to bond through sessions. But that can only happenif volunteers are willing to try. After the bonding between seniors/juniors/volunteers of different classes starts, the volunteers will be more open and situational awareness etc should not be a problem as newer volunteers learn. The key is in debriefs though. Make sure debriefs are good, if not they will not learn.

Problems: Children are not focus at times.
Solutions: No matter what, try to get back their attention by asking interesting questions about them and smile.

Problems: Jianzhi and his sister was very hyper active. They disrupt the class and even resort to violence and went around hitting the volunteers. Most of the children were hyper today, the class was a little more noisy than usual.
Solutions: For the children being more hyper today, it may not happen all the time but you can try controlling them by doing the 100 percent game. For the siblings, seperate them and get a volunteer to talk to them. You can also try putting them to a quiet corner for awhile to let them cool them down.

Problems: None, class was great students enjoying themselves.
Encouragements: Keep up the good work!

Problems: No problem.
Encouragements: Good Keep it up! Though I am not sure of what you did, the fact that there was no problem shows great effort on your part!

Problems: Class have no problems.
Encouragements: Good! Keep up the good work! Thats excellent! Hope you learn well from this experience!

Problems: Class was awesome as usual.
Encouragements: Good! Keep up the good work! Good job! Jiayou!

Problems: The class was good and spotted no problems.
Encouragements: Well done!

Problems: No problems.

The following were with no names sorry about that!

Problems: The children ignore me when I talk to them . Children take time to settle down.
Solutions: Perhaps try to attract the children's attention before talking to them by 1 silent clap, counting down or focus. Do your best to engage them by acting as a clown.
Encouragments: Welcome to GOR! Jiayou! All the best! Good luck! Do your best!

Problems: Lacking attention of children.
Solutions: Be in control and attract them with fun activities. Attract their attention by using interesting puppets. Do something interesting and try your best to engage them. Try playing games that will attract their attention.
Encouragements:Everyone Done a good job inimproving the session! More lively and engaging!

Problems: Kellis becoming "sticky" children are scared of me.
Solutions: Push her to other children and stay with her till she becomes comfortable. Smile more. Perhaps do something for the children like giving out snacks.

Problems: Children not responsive.
Solutions:Try attract theif attention by playing games.

Problems: The children took quite awhile to get into a circle.
Solutions: Use the 1 silent clap to attract their attention and be firm.

Problems: I do not know how to approach the children. Some children do not obey instructions.
Solutions: Being firm, letting them know that it is good that they behave well and to avoid disagreement between groups. Give them a smile and ask their names friendly.

Problems: No problem and broken english spoken when volunteer read small book.
Solutions: Get volunteers to try to speak as much proper english as possible in front of the children. Too difficult english words the children will find it hard to undestand. But i think using singlish the children can at least listen and know what we are talking about. Practise makes perfect. Nobody is perfect in the first place.

Ok thats all! I hope all of u had a wonderful weekends and great day ahead! See u all next session!=D



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