Post-It For Gift Of Reading Camp 2009

Sorry peeps , I am really late in posting these post-its because I really had tight schedules at the end of the year, meaning Last Year 2009.

Cut the long story and let's get to the POST-ITs .
Firstly the...

Secret Code
My take-away from this activity is...
*Create A Simple Strategy*
- that enables the whole group to understand a plan, remember it.
The way to do this is to make a simple plan that everyone can understand.

* Recognize Body Language*
- The way a person expresses distress or whatsoever through their body language and facial expressions.

{Foong Chuan}
Experience ,Perseverance,Communication,Understanding and trust among teammates are what contributes to success

-Keep ideas /Lesson plans simple so that it is easier to remember and execute. There will be no need to get frustrated when you don't know what to do or your team is not present.
-Discuss and strategize what we are going to do beforehand so that sessions can proceed more smoothly
-Make lesson plans more humorous so that lessons are more lively and not BORING!
-Observe other's (child/volunteer) reaction to what we are doing to confirm if they truly understand what is happening & keep repeating slowly to help them understand

{Qi Wei}
Get to know others better so that misunderstanding do not occur. Misunderstandings often occur because we don't know each other well enough.

{Yao Nian}
*I would like to draw some parellels
Everyone knows the Secret Code.
In Gift Of Reading, this is the kind of "CODE" we need. Everyone should know the "CODE" and know what to do and what comes next.
-Stick to the [ORIGINAL PLAN]
-Recap - Check understanding
-A plan everyone understands (BE SIMPLE!)* easy to remember*
-Internalize plans
-Observe each other [emotions....]
-Mutual trust -> understanding between volunteers is extremely important.

Plans for session must be oriented in a way that they are
-easy to remember
-simple to understand
-capitalize & internalize plans within oneself *don't make blunders*

-I learnt how to communicate effectively without talking .
-Trust Each Other =)
Be a copycat*not copy blindly* Anonymous

Stick to the same action , don't change your plan , cause people get CONFUSED!

We need to know our other fellow volunteers well enough to "sense" any "abnormal" vibe such as distress , confusion without him/her really saying it.
ensure that the other party comprehends your message clearly so as to avoid miscommunication
& we need to put plenty of thought for the planning with what little time we have so as to ensure that everyone knows the plan/strategy.
We need to observe and comprehend the signs that show how one is feeling or what one is trying to say without any words what so ever.

Orserving & Not giving up is something we have to know!
The Same Communication system & planning is needed in order to success!
Keep instructions simple
Same Goal ,objective & communication is needed !
Checking of understanding is important!

{Ding Feng}
Simplicity is the key*
Understanding and Bonding reduces misunderstanding
CHECKING! Double check to ensure things are right

-Common communication
-Simple Plain
-Trust your fellow members
-Ensure the other party understands
-Plan beforehand

{Shi Lei}
We should always plan beforehand and one thing that we must bear in mind is that the strategy that was planned may not always work. Hence, we should always revise the plan and refine it so as to get the best planning.
We should always listen to each and every person's suggestions as our own strategy may not always work for others.

When you have been given the time to discuss, use it efficiently & focus on only planning & not distracting yourself or others...

Always remember the strategy you have planned out & STICK TO IT ! DO NOT CHANGE!
You remember things better if you failed it before, therefore failure isn't something to ashamed of .Take it as a Learning Ladder ^^.

Wwe should keep things simple , When we are teaching the children as they might not understand if it is not as simple as it should be

-Try your best
-Pay attention
-Keep your plan simple
-Try and understand your teammates
-Read body language
-Bond with your team mates.
-Plan your plans beforehand
-Trust your teammates
-Have Confidence in yourself

Key Takeaways!
* Communication can take many forms; different people communicate differently so it is essential that we open our hearts/minds to understand others.

{Auntie-Keng Hwee}
Take Aways:
-When we were playing the game we were concerned not only with passing the message /finishing the game but also with winning & having fun
-Sessions should also be like this: it's not just about finishing the lesson & delivering the plan , but enjoying & making sure we meet our aim: make children ♥ Reading !:)

  1. Planning
  2. Keep everything simple
  3. Teamwork
  4. Make sure everyone gets your message
  5. Clarify when in doubt
  6. Observe
  7. Check others' understanding
Being inclusive is certainly very important for good communication and making sure everyone stays on the same track. Hope Gift of Reading can achieve this!
A strategy is not just defined by its effectiveness or by how good it sounds but by how well - received and how suitable it is for the people using it.

Communication & plan well;
-You need to communicate with your team well to let them understand well
-We need to plan well so that everybody knows what are you talking about .

I think that when we are teaching them with books we have to pause for a moment, make sure that everyone actually understands the story. If they do not, repeat patiently as many may face difficulty.

{Yong Quan}
-I learnt to trust others more. if we fail to trust them, we will do the thing that is incorrect.
-Focusing is important. If we do not focus we will also do the incorrect thing and will end up causing a mess!

Through this fun activity, I feel that the most important lesson here is communication. We must all have a common communication system to be able to convey a message to one another with minimum difficulties . If we do not know what to do and if are unclear of what to do, it would be impossible to complete any task.


WEIKIAT HERE GUYS! Sorry guys that I posted these post-its so late and previously for my blogger problem, it's fixed. Yup ! SO YES ! These are the post-its for Secret Code. Upcoming will be SAM & 8Q! :D


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