Pei Woon's takeaways from the recent meeting.

January 09, 2010

Various suggestions for food provided to children from Gift Of Reading at the end of the session:

Seedless Fruits like grapes
Granola Bars
Honey Stars (Meet up with Nestle head nutritionist to find out about their products: Arrrange date and follow up)

Suggestion regarding Children from Gift Of Reading:

Badge/ Wristband with the child's name is to be given at week 10 as a souvenir.

The children should write their own names on the name tags.

Other miscellaneous suggestions:

It is better to have older volunteers (gift seniors) guide us than NLB because the older volunteers have more experience with the children that has been turning up for gift around the area of taman Jurong.

During each session of Gift Of reading, it would be good to keep in mind that it is equivalent to the Gift Of Learning as well and it is good to bring the love of learning to class and let children enjoy learning. :)

David Seow is a writer of children books. His books are related to his children and it is good to consider inviting him to read to the children. We are also able to fidn out where his inspiration comes from and why he writes, and let ourselves be inspired by him.

For the next gift Of Reading training camp, we may acquire the skill of being comedic (Italian elemnt in drama - standing up with a topic and making it funny).

Not worrying about funding.

Rules of Good English Speaking mentioned:
1. Slow Down
2. Consonants are Disciplinarians (encourage you to pronounce the words properly), Vowels are Dramatic (add emotions to whatever you say).
3. Looking at listeners, being observant throughout your speech to mantain eye-contact.
4. Speak in full, proper, gramatically correct sentences.

Suggestions to why we don't speak well:
1. We speak in many different languages and we think in many different languages.
2. We come from lanauge groups whom tend to speak very fast. When we speak too fast, we are less clear in our speech and the pronunciation.
We have to get into speaking proper English and use the language to our advantage.

That's the end of it. If there are any suggestions, feel free to voice your opinions.

Since a number of you have agreed to using the gift of reading blog as a medium of announcements, we shall carry this plan out.

We will post Gift-Of-Reading-related announements on this blog and we will prompt you to reply after reading the announcements to confirm that you have read it. We will send emails when a post is up. If you do not reply within the deadline, we will sms you and remind you to view the blog and await your reply to affirm that you have read it. Should there be any opinions you want to voice, feel free to do so at the tagboard. It is not too late :)

Have a happy weekend!


Foong Chuan

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