December 22, 2009

Dear dudes & dudettes,

Many of the post-its written have no identity on it. So I named it "Anonymous", if you recognise your masterpiece, please tag them and I will help u edit your identity. Thanks & Enjoy all these wonderful thoughts below.

Big Picture Small Roles

Instructions - An A4 sized picture of Mickey and Friends was cut into 6 parts. Each volunteer was then asked to enlarge one of the pieces to 6 times the original size. The pieces were subsequently joined together and put up as masterpieces.


Some drawings were accurate and stunning. Some less so. Only one or two pieces fit well together in each assembled masterpiece. Most were a misfit. Some enlargements were bigger than others. Some were colourful, others strikingly detailed. Most were drawn as landscape 2 as portrait. On the whole, while one could get the gist of the enlarged and assembled pictures, the final outcome was far from perfect.

Parallels drawn to Gift

Each of the six pieces could represent a specific role in GOR. E.g. Big Book reading, Activities, Toilet break, Snacks distribution, Setting up the room, getting name tags and material from shutters, lesson planning, debrief etc.

Each of the pieces could represent the skill level / confidence / passion of each volunteer.

The edges of each of the six pieces could represent transitions between activities in Gift. E.g from lesson planning to execution, or Big Book reading to small book reading.


Communication plays a very big part in making our lessons proceed smoothly w/o any conflict. We also need to work together as a team in order to achieve our aim, no matter how important (or not) our roles are. ~ Andala

Everybody is equally Important ~ Sharnie

No matter how small our role is, it is still important. Every role is needed to complete the whole task; one cant be missing. All these need planning & communication too. At the very least all of us should put in our best efforts in our roles =) ~ Samantha

Everybody in GOR is impt & plays an important role. Communication & Planning is important to reach the goal. Do what you are good at, Do your best in everything ~ Sandy

Planning is Impt because, if we don't plan the whole thing will be a disaster. Have an idea of what u are doing and do it perfectly. ~ Yong Quan

To create a Big picture nicely, it doesnt mean that u have to be able to draw it perfectly; it means we need to piece up the sides nicely and communicate with one another and pre-plan it so as to create that Big picture and achieve our goals ~ Aini

Complement Others ~ Anonymous

A take-away would be that everyone is entitled to be different. The challenge is making us fit well. "you are unique, just like everyone else" ~ YaoNian

  • Everything needs planning beforehand
  • Observe
  • Modify to create a fit and to make things more interesting
  • Do what u are best at
  • Stretch out from what we do (e.g. thinking)
Get out of your own comfort zone. ~ Anonymous

When someone does not fit into our team, we should make the effort to welcome them like adding strips of paper to complete the big picture. ~ Anonymous

Teamwork : One very good picture is not always good. A group of allies is better than a single hero. So teamwork is important. Planning! ~ DF

Instructions can be interpreted in many ways. Seamless transitions are important ~ Anonymous

Communication & Planning is important before execution ~ Sharnie

One look and I know that the picture is hard to draw. One person alone may not be able to draw the whole picture perfectly, but if we break the picture to smaller pieces, and give the job to ur teammates, you may create a piece of art work. It may not be perfect, but it can be improved ~ Anonymous

We may be different in many ways, but we're all here for the same reasons: WE care for the children. We share a common big dream (enlarged picture). So if we do what we are good at and communicate our ideas well, Gift will turn out better ~ Pei Woon

Only with communication and planning, we can achieve success, contributing efficiently as a whole ~ Foong Chuan

I learnt that the success of an activity is not just determined by its individual impact, but also by how well it fits into the big picture. Likewise, the success of Gift sessions are not just evaluated by how well received each activity is, but also by how smoothly the entire session is planned ~ Chee Yang

Everybody in Gift has an important role to play in the success of Gift sessions. To make sessions better, we need to pre-plan, make necessary modifications, communicate effectively with fellow volunteers. Also, we should do the things we do BEST - as what one of the posters say : to make the children STAY, they must be LOVED. ~ Kenneth

To plan well and discuss how to make the picture complete & nice, we need to observe & communicate to make a nice and seamless picture just like a perfect & good session in Gift =) ~ Weikiat

No matter what role you get, do your best ~ Anonymous

Everyone plays a part. Without even one tiny role that seems unimportant, the big picture will get messed up. ~ Anonymous

If you find that you could make adjustments to make the Big picture better, it'll be good. In Gift, always ask what can I do to improve sessions. ~ Anonymous

Everyone should play/perform their roles the best they can but should avoid dominating others ~ Anonymous

From this activity I learned that we must never think that the small roles in Gift are not important, because everyone's effort is important to our ultimate goal. ~ Shi Lei

I feel that we should take a bigger piece of paper & let everyone draw on it before we cut~ Anonymous

It will be easier to portray the picture if the A4 papers were made as one and then drawn on so that the picture will be SEAMLESS...~ Anonymous

No matter how perfect one can be, if one is not able to communicate well with others, it is hard to make oneself understood. When one is not understood, the whole picture is never a whole anymore. There will be a missing piece ~ Anonymous

One or two have tried to be very different and have drawn their picture vertically while all others have drawn horizontally. While it is ok to want to be different or special, perhaps one may want to ensure that their picture fits in well with the others to create the perfect big picture instead of standing out on their own. In Gift, having one or two outstanding volunteers may create less value than having a strong team of volunteers. ~ Alfred


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