24 January 2009

Source: ere I forget

Shortly after we were done with the big book, tard told me to go down and get construction paper. I went downstairs and couldn't find any, so I took the lift back up. The moment the door opened, I got a shock as Haqeem was standing like SUPER close to the door. But Haqeem also got a shock so we had a good laugh over it.

I walked in to see the children seated in a circle, and by tard's signal, they sang "Happy Birthday" for me.

And I was presented with this chosen by twin!
Yum Yum...

I love Gift of Reading!

They were absolutely so sweet! Though I was slightly disappointed Alirah wasn't around :(
Then we were taught how to fold hearts by Qian Hui.

Haqeem being a big brother.
Xin Rui...

My lovely children.

Yay finally with the 2 of them peacefully.
My cake-cutting ceremony.




Tard's like CRAZY over my balloon.

Tard's a retard.

... Totally tardy.


See what I mean when I say she's CRAZY over it? She was taking a photo of my balloon.

The balloon's in my room now!


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