21 January 2009

January 21, 2009

Gift Of Reading - 16 Jan 09 Session (S1 First Session)

Pre-session Bonding.

Trying to snatch my heart.

As in the red soft toy. It's mine [:


Some new volunteers from JSS.

I wonder what was said to cause such big reactions. Can't remember.

Briefing. Still playing with my heart.

Tard the Auntie briefing us.

New Girl, Sam, Irene.

Registration. Some parents brought their kids there really early, so I skipped half of the briefing to help with registration with Min Qi.
She is so pretty!

Session time.

I didn't see Alirah, so I was pretty disappointed. Seriously, I'll offer her free nursery tuition just to see her!

Talent spotted.

[: She's really good!

Min Jia was really moody that day as normally Tard will be showering loads of attention on her but Tard was busy with getting everything in place that day. *Emos*

That's my Gabrielle! She's got a haircut, but she's still adorable and lively as ever! She refused to let me take photographs of her, so I had to do it on the sly.

Mei Ying


This poor boy was asking for his mom and crying the whole time...

But thank god there was Andala who comforted him and tried her best to cheer him up. His mom came after we called her (with the entire family) and she (or rather they) joined us for the session.

Ain't she cute!

That's Demi behind Gabrielle. Demi's malay but she looks really ang-moh. I think she'll grow up to be a hot babe.

Got a really unglam photo of Sam but I'm nice so it's not here.

[: Enjoyed the session, love my kids so much.

loves; dajie

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