Endofyear Camp'08

December 12, 2008

Hello all, the camp has finally come to an end! Successful, no? Anyway, this is a general summary on what we've learnt throughout the activities! :D

1. Training by ACT3
Our trainer imparted us with many useful skills, which includes:
-uses of props
-magic rock
-frozen photograph
-asking of children to repeat lines/sing along
-5colours (limbs&head)
-walking at different percentages of our usual speed, and freezing suddenly
-eye contact game (winking)
-squirrel, hunter, tree game
-role-plays, dramatisation, giving fairytales a twist
(Sorry if I forgot about the names of certain skills or miss out some.)
She had also told us that we ought to use big actions and exaggerating expressions if we want to catch the children's attention.

2. Presentation (to guests)
Yep, after the training, we presented how we would present our big books (to the children) to Mrs T and various other visitors. We did take note of the good and not-so-good areas that they pointed out to us, yea?

3. Teambuilding
We definitely learnt more about each other! As well as cheating methods, hah!

4. Confidence training
Through the "Arena" conducted by Aidah and Kish, I believe most of us are much now more confident with speaking to the crowd! There were many who were able to overcome their fear of speaking to a larger crowd, well done! Meanwhile, we debated on real problems that we've faced in sessions. After which, we discussed and voted on how we should try to deal with the problems for the following term.

5. Polar Bear
Remember the game we played on the second day BBQ and third day lunch? Yep. We sure bonded and had great fun! There are funny storytellers like Alfred, Hisham and Wenbo! There are also cunning polar bears like Hisham, Nadiah and Kish! And not forgetting how Branden was laughing away so hysterically!

6. Human Chess
Team bonding again! We also learnt how to strategise within our own group! Recall how the groups sneak off to one corner and discuss their plans after their each and every step?

7. Pool time (Water volleyball)
Team bonding was a big part of it! We learnt to give chances to others at the side/back, who don’t often having a chance to participate!

8. Communication training
There was Animal Perception by Wenxin. Guess it's not very accurate, but thanks for the effort! Later on we had survey from Kish, which was much more accurate. Learning points? We know better of strategies on how to improve ourselves and how to communicate with others better!

9. Presentation (of our planning for the next term)
*to be updated soon.

Overall, the organising team learnt to give out work, and to trust one another!

Andala, Wenxin, Meiying.

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