Hi guys!

This sat, 25th October's gonna be the Gift Outing/BBQ as you all know (:

Here are the confirmed details:

Meeting time/place: 1.30 pm, Pasir Ris MRT control station

Activities suggested: Volleyball, Waterbombs, Poker card games, Cycling, Truth or Dare,

Things to bring:

  • Extra clothes

  • Poker cards

  • 500 ml of plain water

  • Volley ball (If you have one.)

  • Money (for cycling, if you want)

After meeting up, we'll all be going to pasir ris to get juice cordial/drink syrup/ice/balloons.

Please confirm your attendance by this Friday etc.

Juniors- Please confirm your attendance with Meiying :D

Seniors- Please confirm your attendance with Me!

p/s Hi Kish! Is it alright if you help us to bring an icebox from your house please? Thanks very much! (:



note from dajie-
no need buy ice or bring icebox or charcoal etc whatever, coz i've ordered those items. HOWEVER, you do need to buy drinks and someone please bring a lighter / matches. That's all you need to bring/buy, the others all settled by yitong & i alr. [: see ya guys soon!


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