session for 22 and 23 august

For sessions on this coming Friday and Saturday, we will be doing small books and introduce some new songs to the children.

There will be five songs in total.
  1. If you are happy and you know it
  2. Heads and Shoulders
  3. Hokey Pokey
  4. Fingers song
  5. Chicken Dance

For the first three songs, the links to the lyrics are there. Then for Fingers song, the children should be quite familiar with it. Anyway, the lyrics go like this:

One little finger,
One little finger,
One little finger,
Tap tap tap.
Point to the ceiling,
Point to the floor
And put them on your ____.
(And then change one to two, three, and so on).

As for the chicken dance, volunteers should know it la? Then teach the children. If volunteers dont know about the dance, you can ask Alfred to teach you.

Oya, the theme is "Body Parts". But please do not use words like "butt" or "backside". 'Cos children seem to think of it as something bad.

Yup, that's about all (:


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