Debrief minutes for Fri, 22/08

hey guys. i think we're doing good for these few sessions n let's continue to improve by learning n improving on our prob n also continuin the good things we've done k?(: n of coz learnin from others(good n bad) (:

hee. below will be e problems n solutions thot of by all of us. haha. yep. i'm typin it here coz sometimes we wun catch wat others are saying or remember, so type here n everyone can see it n rmb(: n also for fri ppl to find out bout sat session n vice versa(:

fri's session:

(coz time constraint, so only got all e prob, whereas sat got both good n bad things)

(P= Problem, S= Solution, G= Good thing)


P: The loud children are dominating the other children and taking away the quieter children's chance to speak.

S: Get children to raise hands before speaking, Let every child have a chance to speak by directing the questions to each child.

Chee Yang:

P: Children have different attention levels, children who come earlier are usually more attentive as they are more warmed up and children who know the songs will enjoy the singing better whereas those who don't know tend to be very easily "bored out".
S: Try to encourage children to come early and if they are really late, then no choice, just try to get their attention in the next song, Know our saturation point(until which point then we will be tired) so that we don't use up all our energy in the first part of the session.

Wen Xin:
P: Cheeyang injured BingHeng(a boy) when bringing him to the toilet. (nt exactly a problem but just an accident during the session)
S: Important for volunteer to not feel guilty and affect the whole mood of the session, just be careful and hoax the children, for eg jus tell him that the plaster will take away the pain(: But if let's say it's serious, get the attention of someone who can handle him, either the seniors/the room leader/someone who's very good at hoaxing the children/someone who's free and can handle the child.

P: Reg was poking me during Mrs T's speech and cannot stop him from doing it even when he's told he could not do that, think he's seeking attention?
S: Be firm in telling him not to do it and be respectful to the person speaking, even if it's just any other volunteer who's conducting the session. NOTE: we dun haf to be fierce in order to be firm ya(:

Mei Ying(considered on behalf of Lithia):
P: Lithia got "molested" by children before session(coz Lithia not present during debrief, so not sure if it's just the children playing with her coz it didn't happen again during session itself)
S: If it's just playing, it's okay, But if it's not, important for volunteers to again be firm in telling children wat's right and what' wrong, so that they won't repeat it again(not to tramatise them but mus teach them)

P: Reg not interested in the book and started to flip the book when I was reading, so i kept him out by blocking his view of the book, Then after a while, he started to "peep" at the book but still couldn't see the book.
S: Do not keep the children out of the book after they've become interested in the book! Must not exclude the children. Can also like let him see the book but don't make it so obvious that you're letting him see. NOTE: be careful with the children's feelings when we do this, do not make them think that we dislike them or are discriminating against them(:

P: a sibling(P1 already) kept interupting and giving all the answers to my question, whereas the child who's our registered child(the P1 child's sister) was not responding, she shld be understood but didn't seem interested.
S: Do not be too forceful to make the child respond, as long as questions are still directed to them to get them to join in the book, it's alright if let's say they're quieter some times coz some children will take a longer time to be really hyper.

P: the children didn't understand the songs and could not follow in the songs.
S: Teach slower(volunteers), Get children who know to do a demo(this can allow the children who know the song already have the chance to build up their confidence), Teach children who come early so that they can go up and do the demo(as mentioned above) and also to reduce the number of children that need to be taught during the session(:

P: Some volunteers speak louder than some and the softer volunteers cannot get the attention of the children.
S: Divide the space better(can be done by pre-assigning corners to each volunteer, but up to each class's decision whether to do it anot) - can get volunteers who're quieter to be at one side of the class and the louder ones to be on the other side of the class And also make sure the small groups aren't too near to each other, Softer volunteer can get the children in the small group to "Shh" the groups that are noisy(this can get the attention of the children in the "softer" grp also)

Jian Da:
P:Splitting of children is not done properly and children tend to be "left alone" when volunteers are discussing how to split the children.
S: The volunteer who is leading the class jus randomly choose 3-4(depending on how many children and how many volunteers) and get them to go to one volunteer, then another 3-4 to another volunteer. NOTE: do not take the same children all the time and make sure the same grp dun stick together.

P: Children were asking why is "butt" excluded from the "Hockey Pockey" song.
S: Tell them that we are using sth else to replace butt to make the song more interesting(if they start to change all the body parts, jus allow them to change - allow their creative juices to flow, no need to stop them), Can jus say that use "butt" need to back-face each other then they can't see each other, sing songs mus sing tgt, mus be able to see each other, so dun use "butt", use body parts that they can see each other when they sing.

G: Children all very good, I very happy!:D

Xin Hui:
G: Children all very obedient during Mrs T's speech, very good!:D

G: Big book was done together with the songs and games, children were all enthu, GOOD!:D

P: Gabrialle(a child, paiseh dunno how spell her name) kept tickling me, but
S: when i told her to stop it, she didn't continue(:

P: volunteers tend to be jus reading for entertainment and not to inculcate values and the love of reading in the children(tho entertainment and making the children have fun will make the love reading, but it's to include more values to make it more meaningful ya(: )
S: include the values and bring in more meaningful discussion(not to say that wat we're doing now is low level but we will definitely be able to bring it to a highter level). (some asked how to do it,) by asking questions whether what it's done is right or wrong and teach them(paiseh i forgot wat's eg huihui used, someone pls help me add on?), this might be a little hard, so consult your buddies if you dunno ya:D (be careful that you dun go on n on bout moral vlaues, jus touch briefly and make the discussion fun(:

Kheng Hwee:
Observations: (this will be longer, coz it's mainly based on the observations of the class in Conference room 1)
The reading as mentioned above, lacks discussion on deeper issues and volunteers often jus read the books without explaining what's the story about.
Be careful about children who're at the corner or quieter, always rmb to include them.
Be careful of racial mix when putting children into small groups, try to avoid whole grp only of one race or only of one gender.
Don't "poke" at the words, glide through the words.
Would be good if volunteers can glide through the words when readin, esp when the page has a lot of words, if not children wun be able to follow the story ya(:
Teach children the songs first before starting, and tell the children wat are the body parts you gng to sing next, like head, then hands, then toes.(this applies for all the classes and for both days) Don't get the children to sing after you, always let them know wat they gng to sing. Fri's class told the children wat to sing but think they don't get the song, whereas sat(yaonian's class) understood the song bt dunno wat part was to be sang next.

G: Children are now more at ease, more confident and the class is often more hyper and energetic!

Mrs T:
- one finger shld be "it" not "them"
- is there a chance to let the children lead?
- the brainstorming for activities(during the session) group, is it possible to bring the activities to a higher level to let the children cultivate skills or values, for eg, getting the children to bring back the flash cards given to them(sat session) can get the children to cultivate determination
- Dec camp wat shld be the focus? speech and drama? music? art? pedagogy-planning? Plain enjoyment at the beach? (seniors generally feel that it's impt to build up on speaking skills, bringing up the standard of our program, reading)
- trg on the use of dramatic words to bring out the feeling the book is trying to convey, like "long"/"shiny"/"thin" -- the use of pronounciation to convey the idea

long entry. sat's discussion will be blogged on mon/tues. paiseh kinda busy:P n think we all need time to digest the long long entry above:P

enjoy ur week and juniors, pls direct questions/problems to ur buddy-senior k!! pls! make use of ur seniors:P seniors, dun slack k! chase after the juniors if they dun direct qn to u!

PS: siangyong n xinlei, pls email me ur ur email add n hp no! thanks!

khenghwee aka auntie(:


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