Gift Camp 2008S2 II

Sleeping Photos
I think you'd expect that the photos are all taken at night, but NO...

In the morning, 10am, first day of camp. While we were playing games. That's Aran by the way.
Hmm Chee Yang seems to have dozed off...

[ohkay i am distorting facts but thats what the hk magazines reporters do too right!]
Morning of Day 2, Kaka
bobo zhang

Group Photos

Old Senior + Young Seniors.
Heheh no matter how busy, we'll always have time for cam whoring.

Stoning after bbq. everyone's holding hands with each other other than... WENXIN WHO IS BUSY EATING!!!
Gino's group. Their photos are of course with huihui I think.
[: Wen Xin's group. Haqeem is scary because he can finish one face of the Rubik's cute blindfolded!

[: again!


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