30th June 2008

June 30, 2008

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I'm sorry it's late, but

HUIHUI (21st June)
HAQEEM (23rd June)
WENXIN (24th June)


Gift of Reading S2 2008 First Session 27 June

Discussion before stuff started.
Huihui's cake!
[: Happy yanghui.
meiying reading to her kids.
our kids.

Heheh isn't it cute!
Owner of the wings - Zhi Qi aka BABY!
She doesn't really understand anything, but when I asked her for her name, she goes, "baBY!" in this tiny cutesy voice. [: Thats what her sis and mommy calls her so she thinks her name is baby. She is super super cute and last term she was still not talking to anyone, but that day she talked to me a lot and even though I only understood 50% of all she said I was happy because she's so damn cute.
Oldie Yi Da was back! With Kai Han, Lu Jie and their snr no less!
"Auntie" and I.
King Kong & Meiy

me, kheng & munkei dear!
me, kheng, twin and munkei.
I'm working on a links cum bday list thingy at the sidebar, but will need some time because there are so many people! Look out for it! [:

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