The Responsibilities List

May 24, 2007

In order to better divide up the responsibilities and yet still ensure that all the important areas are covered, I'd like for us to use this blog to brainstorm together on what are some areas that we want to focus on in the running of Gift.

The idea is to come up with 15 areas and have 2 people assigned to each area. Every 3 relevant areas will be grouped together to form a committee (of 6 people). This way, everyone will have an important and specific role to play, and highlights that every volunteer is important.

Here's the list based on our discussions with Mrs T yesterday. Please keep adding to the list, we want as many as possible before we pick our 15. And please be as specific as possible, not just 'welfare' but something more specific.

1. Track children's progress
2. Track volunteers' progress
3. Activities for volunteers
4. Delivery of sessions
5. Children's discipline
6. Administration
7. Volunteers' attendance
8. Logistics for each session
9. Outings with children
10. Environment of classes
11. Available enrichment programmes for volunteers to attend

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