kaka's 1st entry:)

i happen to b blogging abt Gift, so i thought mayb i can contribute 1 entry here too.

Let mi for once in 1 ½ yrs, take some time to put down my thoughts for GOR into words. First of all, thks to everyone's enthusiasm, n nt giving any problems. i cannot imagine a camp if everyone looks bored n sian .This camp,it’s definitely meaningful. Mayb coz im one of e organizers of e camp, I was
v excited abt it. Firstly , I brought in new volunteers. Cos e bond btw old volunteers was far too strong, i knew it will nt b easy for us to accept some more ppl. Nevertheless, I had faith in us tt we will nt let e new volunteers feel left out.

We learnt more than we played this time. As in we had reading sessions, though nt fun ( nt my type of fun), but it’s meaningful n interesting. At least I’m sure it wld bring lots of improvement to GOR sessions. We had other activities like daily testimonial, wonderland concept,n mystery person. Wonderland concept allowed mi to draw out wat I feel. Daily testimonial gave mi encouragement n affirmation. Mystery person made mi know someone better, n allowed someone to know mi better.
I thot tt bbq bonded us tgt a lot. Cos during bbq time, a lot of us took e iniative to chat w e new volunteers to gt to know them better. We had lots of fun playing elope too.But I think , ultimately, it’s our love for GOR tt eventually touched e newcomers. The sharing of our experiences was v impt as it gave them an idea of how much we all lov GOR, how much effort we hav put in, how much we hav gained , as well as how genuine our lov for GOR is.
‘gift is built on e basis of love’ , I simply lov this statement. Love is indeed such a great driving force. I thot tt camp ended off w a high note, esp w e final debrief.
GOR is a place I feel v comfortable in. a place I met new friends , saw great leaders.A place tt proved to mi tt nthg is impossible unless u’ve tried. An organization like us,started off w less than 20 ppl, frm various schs, 1 simple camp, first time we met each other, brought us all tgt. More gift sessions , we gt to know each other better. Frequent camps, we had chance to interact w one another. GOR is abt 2 yrs old now. Happy birthday. Singing of e birthday song reminded me of how far we hav come. How we made an initial idea of letting kids develop
a love for reading since young possible. How much effort n time we hav forked out, how much love we hav unknowingly invested, how much things we hav learnt.
Our laughters, our screams, our tears.GOR is so great .

It’s hard to find an organization like us , with such genuine friendship, with such a great love for Gift.
Well done all of us! A small pat on everyone's shoulder:)
( pardon me for using ''newcomers'' again. let this b my last time. it's late now , so my brain is nt workg.
i cant think of better words to replace.The tone of this entry is a bit informal, hope u all dont mind, because
it's meant to be on my blog. i merely copy n paste here.)


wow kaka, i never knew you love us this much! hhahaha :D long live gift!

dear kaka,

don't let this entry be your last! :)


(and a big happy birthday to you today!)

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