Campfire's bUrNiNg!

November 29, 2006


How have you all been doing? Hope you all are enjoying your holidays :)

It has been quite a while since i log on to this blog, so i guess its time to give it some wake-up call :p

Coming up! We are having our annual GOR camp from 15-17 dec at Blk 184.

It has been quite a while since we have come together as a family and enjoy ourselves :) But of course, this camp will have its fair share of learning, fun and laughter.

We will be inviting a teacher from Lakeside Primary - Mdm Phua to share with us her experiences on Nursery Rhymes, Big Books and Courage to Teach. Some of us had a chit-chat with her yesterday. Personally, i felt that she is very engaging and has a great vast of experience and knowledge which we can learn and benefit from.

Besides, we have included fun-filled activities and recreation time where we can come together and enjoy ourselves. Yupz, so do keep yourself free from 15-17 dec. If any of your friends are interesting in knowing more about Gift or the camp, do invite them to join us :)

If there's anyone who can make Gift of Reading SPECIAL, it gonna be us!! =)


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