Good news & good luck

Good news!

I presented our budget today, and it was heartily approved by the CCC. If you'd like to see a copy, I can show it to you when I see you, or email it to you.

I have to thank Wenbo for drawing up the estimated figures, which I modified only by a small bit. An overview of the budget is as follows:

1. June Camp - $2400
2. December Camp - $2400
3. Outings for Children (twice a year) - $2200 for 80 people including us
4. Official Launch - $4000
5. Renewal Sessions (September) - $560
6. Misc. Fees (including snacks) - $2700
7. Mobile Library - $8500, not including large amounts of sponsorship - we will kick into action in June, ok?

Total Size of Budget is $22,760. Cool huh? About half of this sum is one-time expenditure though (launch and library), so it will not recur next year. Money is already in our account, sponsored by one of the banks.

Doesn't mean we are rich k... just enough to spend reasonably to achieve our goals. :) Still must be prudent in our spending, so that we can do more with each dollar spent.

Ok, that's all for this update. Good luck studying for your exams! I'll still be around at 10am every Saturday at the CC to help you if you need help, and I can come even earlier if you want me to - just name the time, I'm at your service (for now).

-- Poor Victor


WOots! That's great!

:DD Haha I am so glad to know we have so much funds for gor!

And "Poor Victor", when are u going to hand me all the titles of the books?
yay $$ means more books. :D

btw mr chua helps me more than u do :p and i dun even ask for help most of the time.
haha who's this ungrateful person!!! heh heh... ok ok hey i try, i try... but there's only 1 of me. i'll bear in mind to keep asking you next time, whoever you are...

- Victor
waimin, i don't have the titles! will need someone to diligently record down the titles that we have. that's why i had asked you over email if you would have this kind of time.

- Victor

p.s. will reply your mail soon.
Damien said…
Vic, I shall get the little animal up here ASAP, ya?

Help for exams ... wow, great guy. Will be there when I can't survive on my notes anymore :D

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