Even more photos from the past...

Last instalment of old photos:

Everyone listening attentively to Joanne, whose main job was to make you all do silly things with your face so that I can take interesting pictures and blackmail you next time...

Melissa looks amused as everyone hardly notices I'm taking their picture...

Notice where Peilin's eyes are looking...

Me being waved off like the paparazzi. Who's the mystery person?

Damien pondering his role as The Ugly Bug.

Lujie is obviously pleased with his excellent choice of teammates.

Kenyan and Yida fighting over Kaka. Elsewhere, Bear Snores On.

Kaka and her birthday cake.

And finally:

The sunset at Sentosa's beach.


i'm tt mystery person o.o i realised it only when i looked at it for the THIRD time .
& where's pictures from our monday nights grp? :)


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