Pictures from Wednesday's 353 Group

"353 Group" - sounds like some latest Taiwanese boy band, huh?

Some pictures from the Wednesday class that Shirlyn, Michelle and Damien take care of:

All the wonderful children of this class. The girl is the middle is Shirlyn's favourite! (I have no favourites, of course, because I'm equally nice to everyone.)

Everyone listening attentively to big sisters and big brother. Junhao, from Saturday's class, also joined us this week as his mother thought he might respond better in a smaller class.

Kheng Hwee and Shirlyn in action while Damien, off-camera, lazes around somewhere... (just kidding!)

Shirlyn being asked for $10 by one of the children.

I just found some other interesting pictures, and will post them up shortly...


Damien said…
Victor lied ... he's biased ... keep wanting to hold a little girl's hand and that's the only one!

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