Stories Alive! 2011 by Gift of Reading

November 01, 2011

A group picture with Mrs Tharman (:
Hao Yu, the Wolf. Where's your earssssss?

Another one of our Best Smiles of Gift.

The puppet family! Erm, and one with an identity crisis.

Looook! Ayam Kedukut is back! <3<3

The, ahem.
The wonderful youngsters who joined us this year and last year.

Eggcited children!

Teacher Chee Yang doing a small book reading session at the T-Net Club

Our more than amzing emcees for the day! How adorable!
Just a happy picture with happy people.
The scriptwriter, the director (ahem ME!!!), the narrator and our PIG number ONE!

Three musketeers. Two of which has butterflies flying up and down.

Best photographer of the year goes to....

Stories Alive! 2011 has finally come to an end after much preparation by our Gifters. It was well deserved fun that we had and we certainly hope that our children did too. Fun through reading, fun through bringing life to the charcters in books. It's never too late to start imagination flowing and bringing breathe and liveliness into the world around you. I hope that everone had learnt what they would hope to get from the event - patience, love, sharing, caring, mentoring, helping one another and many many other values from which this small event could bring us to learn.

Gifters, you guys are such amazing and wonderful people just by giving your time to these children. You never fail to amaze me and impress me each and every time as we grow as a family. It is always such a delightful pleasure to work with you people and learn about the most heart-warming part of life through Gift of Reading, through the loving culture in Gift.

This event is one enjoyed by many. Hope that we can have event such as this coming for the children to enjoy as well as bring live and love to the parents as well. This is one meaningful cause and purpose that I hope you guys can continue to see and thus bring humanity back to life in the eyes of people.

It isn't wrong to not want to grow up. It just shows how much you enjoy being a child. But for that, how can you, as a child, teach another child to enjoy what's in their childhood so as to become better beings like you are?

It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you all.
Thank you all parents for your support.
Thank you all children who never fail to bring smiles on the volunteers faces.
Thank you all volunteers who never fail the smiles on everyone elses.
Love you all.

I can't wait for camp.
I can't wait for outings.
Let's do it.

-Wenxin <3

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