A very warm welcome everyone!I am Vijay.Please be reminded that session will start on 8th and 9th of July.There are 4 themes this semester which are Moral Values for 3 weeks,Fairy Tales for 2 weeks,Weather for 3 weeks and Hobbies for 3 weeks.There will be a national day session for 1 week.So total, there are 12 sessions in all.I'll be updating on the first Theme which is Moral Values

Session 1-Moral Values-Big Book Reading + Dramatisation
              -Colouring + Picture Discussion(Childrens to colour the picture given by the volunteers and to present and say the story infront of the others.

Session 2-Moral Values-Small Book Reading
              -Skit(Volunteers to do a skit in front of the children.Story line should be related to theme)

Session 3-Moral Values-Big Book Reading
              -Puzzle and story telling(Volunteers to do a 30 A4 Size pictures of stories which are related to moral values and stick them on the wall Jumbled up with others.A child to be called and asked to pick the correct 2 pictures which link and tell the story and the moral of that chosen 2 pictures.Then,get another child to pick another 2 and carry on.For example a picture of a tortoise and a hare.Child to pick these 2 pictures and tell the story of the tortoise and the hare to everyone.)

That is all for Moral Values.Please go and practice your vocal skills and drama skills.Be prepared.Thank you
Vijay!Have a Nice Day!


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