GOR December Camp 2010

Dear Volunteers,

The highly anticipated GOR 2010 Dec Camp is in one week's time!!
During the 4D3N camp, You will be treated to an awesome and enriching experience which will definitely be one of your most memorable life episodes in 2010.

Important Details to Note
- 2nd to 5th December
- Venue: Pyramid Club (2 Goodwood Hill, Singapore 258879)
- Please meet at Orchard MRT on 2nd December 10am sharp. Camp organisers will be there to fetch volunteers to the Pyramid Club.
- Please follow the packing list sent to your email.
- A small reminder: There will be swimming on Day 2, please bring appropriate attire if you wish to go down to the pool.

Direction of 2010 December GOR camp

1. Leadership Renewal (19 volunteers bound for O/A levels in 2011; Shortage of J1/J2s, lack of Sec 4s)
2. Orientation for new recruited volunteers

Camp Objectives

  • To let volunteers take ownership of gift through gaining a sense of commitment by learning why he or she is crucial to the success of the Gift of Reading Programme.
  • Promote bonding between new volunteers and existing volunteers
  • Offer a plethora of opportunities for student volunteers to optimise their potential in different domains of character development - mainly cognitive, social and emotional and aesthetic domains.
  • Preparation of lesson plans for Year 2011 Semester One

Camp Programme

Hope to see all of you there! It is gonna be really fun and exciting!


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