GOR Announcements (Miscellaneous Issues)

August 28, 2010

1. Gift of Reading T-Shirts for Volunteers (Aini have completed the design and she will pass it to Ms Pauline for printing)

2. Gift of Reading Name Tags for Volunteers (Urgent and very important!!! Volunteers, please also take note Mrs T's comments on bridging ties with children with a volunteer taking charge of a specific group of children every week. Friday SICs/CICs and Saturday ICs can you all help to coordinate this arrangement ASAP or we can choose to start this approach next semester)

3. Gift of Reading Banners (to be put up in classroom for every session)

4. Gift of Reading Stationary Set (Mrs T hopes to give stationary sets to children on the last session for this semester). [P.S. I will liaise with corporate partners and suppliers and check if we could get a reasonable quotation and order stationary sets with GOR logos on pencil cases, erasers, pencils, rulers...]

5. Check the safety conditions of the rooms. Mrs T stressed the importance of childrens' safety as one of the top priorities and should be the main concern at all times. (Ms Ng Mei Choo will check the conditions on the window panes and surroundings of the rooms we are using to prevent children from getting injured.)

6*.Volunteer Tea Appreciation Session. - Tentatively September (dates TBC) More details will be posted on to the blog once the date and venue is finalized.

7. Future Recruitment of Volunteers. Recruit volunteers from a diverse range of schools, races and backgrounds in future. (Quoting Singapore's win over Zimbabwe in the YOG opening match, the underlying aim of GOR should about be promoting harmony and unity.) [Current Updates: Aini will be bringing some YCSS volunteers in the Dec camp while I am still liaising with Hwa Chong IC about the recruitment issues]

Warmest Regards

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