GOR 2010 Term 2 Lesson Preparations !!!

Hi Youths!!! (including Kish =D)

This coming Monday, which is YOUTH DAY, there will be a meeting to plan the sessions for next term. We need to get things on the right track ASAP and prepare for the start of GOR, which is tentatively supposed to be in late July. There is only 2-3 weeks left, there is no time to waste.

As volunteers, let's live up to the spirit of volunteerism and attend this important and urgent meeting, be in Fri or Sat volunteers, we play a pivotal role to inspire the hearts of hundreds of children. Hence, if possible, please keep yourself free on this Monday, YOUTH DAY!!!

Date: 5 July 2010
Venue: Taman Jurong Community Club
Time: 1200 to 1700 hrs
Agenda (maximise productivity):
  • Discuss opening dates and timing for GOR 2010 Term 2 sessions
  • Review parents' feedback on expectations and wishes on improving the quality of delivery of GOR sessions
  • Design session pedagogies (include themes/activities/resources needed)
  • Members in-charge of the first theme will need to prepare all materials needed ASAP once details are finalised.
  • Name Tags
  • Decide on a day to meet up again to borrow small books from JRL.

Your attendance in this meeting is valued and greatly appreciated and please inform me whether you are coming to help out, either by email (jian-da@hotmail.com) or mobile no. (84043338).

Warmest Regardz DADA Chan


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