2010 Programme Term 1

Theme I (first 3 weeks)

[1st Session]

Games and Activities [15 mins]
Small Book Reading [20 mins]
Toilet Break [05 mins]
Big book Reading (with tuning in) [15 mins]
P.S. Tuning in is a short activity to introduce the the Big Book to children. T.I may be songs… Giving out snacks and Singing of Goodbye Song [05 mins]

1. 5 Small Books
2. 1 Big Book
3. Tuning in Song Sheet (Intro to Big Bk)
4. Snacks

[2nd Session]

Hello Song + Some “Warm-up” Activities [05 mins]
Big Book [Dramatization]
P.S: This Drama will be based on the Big book read in the 1st Session. [10 mins]
Readers’ Theatre (RT)
P.S: RT is an activity where ALL Children recite or act out a particular scene from the Big Book with guidance by a volunteer. It need not be 100% exact from the Big book, so when necessary, they can add new lines to the scene they choose. [30 mins]
Toilet Break [05 mins]
Games + Activities + Giving out of snacks + Singing of Goodbye Song [10 mins]
1. 1 Big Book
2. Drama Script
3. Stationeries (for planning of Readers’ Theatre)
4. Snacks
[3rd Session]

Fairytale Songs [10 mins]
Puppet Show (The Frog and the Princess) [05 mins]
Small Book Reading [20 mins]
Toilet Break [05 mins]
Activity: Drawing/Colouring of Cartoon Characters [20 mins]

1. Puppets
2. Story line for Puppet Show: The Frog and the Princess
3. Cartoon Drawing
4. Colour Pencils
5. Disney Songs
6. Small Books
Dear Volunteers, if u are not on any of the parts of the programme, u can approach Kenneth/Aini for a more detailed explanation. A more detailed plan will be sent to ur email once we finalise all details of the following activities.
~ Kenneth
2010 Programme Term 1: Theme II - Dinosaurs
Duration for this theme: 2 weeks

1st week:
Songs: Hello song and others. if there's time, create a song that has something to do with the theme
Big Book/Dramatisation by volunteers: use small book or make up own story (max 10 mins)
Making of finger puppets of dinosaurs: Use bubbletea straws and pictures of dinosaurs that would be coloured by the children. (max 45 mins)
Note: Tell the children the week before that we will be making the finger puppets so that they know they must come. Make extra puppets for the 2nd week, for the children who didn't come the week before. Collect and keep the finger puppets in the 1st week so that the children won't forget to bring.
Small book reading: can use the finger puppets made earlier to dramatise the stories (max 20 mins)
2nd week:
Songs: same as 1st week
Small book reading: can use the finger puppets made earlier to dramatise the books (max 10 mins)
Go through the roles and actions for the the children's dramatisation section. If the volunteers in-charge want more buffer time to give the children more time to learn the roles and actions, they can cancel out the small book reading. Use the same story dramatised by the volunteers in the 1st week. Split the children into different groups so that it's easier for them to learn. They will then later perform in the same groups. Dramatisation by the children: volunteers may want to invite the parents to come in and watch.
Backup activities:
Hot seat: a volunteer will be on the hot seat and the children will be the ones that ask the questions since they are naturally more curious.

Puzzle games: enlarged pictures of dinosaurs are cut up and later the children will have to work together to solve it. like a jigsaw puzzle.

Frozen pictures: we will ask the children to move around the space given and act as dinosaurs. a volunteer will then say stop and everyone freezes. volunteers may want to take pictures when they are frozen.

The details will be sent to everyone when ready. If you have any questions, please ask either Foong Chuan or myself.

2010 Programme Term 1
Theme III of IV (Sports)
1st Week
Introduction 10 minutes
- Includes intro song and some songs to tune children in. Made it 10 minutes so as to factor in late comers.
Big Book (Ice cream stick) 20 minutes

- Read the Big book two times.
- First time for discussion and second time for fluency. Should take 15 minutes actually since it is a short book but have included 5 minutes buffer time.

Toilet break 5 minutes
Should be enough provided everything runs smoothly.

Activity time 15 minutes-20 minutes
- Show children flash cards of sports and briefly explain them.
- This does not have to take up to 15 minutes actually, in fact can probably finish between 10 to 15 minutes.
Game time Remaining time
- Playing of Simon Says/Magic rocks, where children do actions of the various sports. Requires volunteers to role model. Do not play this game if there is no time left.

Farewell 5 minutes
- Includes goodbye song, getting the children to wear their shoes and queue up for snacks.

2nd week

Introduction 10 minutes

Small book reading 20 minutes

- Read small books related to the theme. It is crucial at this point that volunteers show children that books are a good place to further their interest in sports and can also bring out the joy of sports, so as to ensure that the love of reading can be complemented with the interest in sports we are cultivating through the activities.

Toilet break 5 minutes

Big Book (Ice cream stick) 10 minutes
- Recap the big book ice cream stick. Check for understanding at this point and ensure that children can remember the sports in the book.

Game time Remaining time
- Play Simon Says/Magic rocks.
However, if this game was played during previous week and volunteers think children have already enjoyed it last week, we could play another game where children get to try out the sport (in mini version), so we could probably play bowling with a paper ball and plastic bottles or maybe play soccer (penalty shoot out style) with mini goal posts and balls.
Farewell 5 minutes

Logistics (refer to this when doing session prep and one week before theme starts)
1. Making of flash cards. Flash cards should have pictures of items used in the sport and maybe a picture of someone playing it. Some sports we have in mind are as follows:
a. Tennis (must have, as it is in the big book)
b. Canoeing (must have, as it is in the big book)
c. Skateboarding (must have, as it is in the big book)
d. Soccer (very popular, so should have as children can relate to it)
e. Basketball (also very popular, and since there is a basketball in the CC lets include it)
f. Badminton (should have since there is a badminton court in CC)
g. Bowling (a very popular sport in Taman Jurong area among youths according to the Youth Executive Committee there)
h. Skipping (a simple sport very easy to pick up)
i. Swimming (one of Singapore’s stronger sports, so maybe should include so children can strive to be like youths excelling in this sport)
j. Hockey (Indian national sport, so some Indians may relate to it better)
k. Cycling (another popular sport in Taman Jurong area I believe)
l. Rugby (since Qi Wei is in rugby)
m. Netball (since we have volunteers who are in there and also because the CC has a netball court. But children may confuse it with basketball)
n. Volleyball (I am assuming that the CC’s hall can be used for volleyball)
Hopefully these sports are easy for the children to pick up if they are interested. Perhaps it can also drive them to reading books about them.
2. Making of props for big book. Suggested items include the following
a. A mouse made up of a foam cup and having ears made of sticks, eyes drawn in and whiskers and ears made of paper.
b. A few ice cream sticks, to complement the book.
c. Tennis ball for the part where the mouse plays tennis.
d. Folded paper boat for the part where the mouse canoes
e. A mini skateboard, which can be a toy one or one made of an ice cream stick and marker caps. Required for the part where the mouse skateboards.
3. Getting of volunteers to bring items of sports (e.g. tennis racket, soccer ball) one week before start of theme, as children remember what they see the most.
4. Making of mini sized sports equipment if volunteers are thinking of letting the children try out mini versions of the sports.
Chee Yang


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