Gift Camp'09

Amazing Race
Amazing Race was amazing because it made me get out of my comfort zone and push my limits for the team, thus making us even more bonded
'Chee Yang

The Amazing Race kept us bonded throughout the race.
I built friendship among us and we also co-operated to finish the race faster.

The Amazing Race was enriching because we worked in groups and got to know each other better. We also realised their strengths. Those older then us are a treasure as they are cleverer than us.

Amazing Race: Amazing
I found the amazing race "amazing" as it:
-encouraged participation
-allowed us to get out of our comfort zone.
-got us to share a lot
-celerbrated our achievements (everytime we accomplished a task)
all while having FUN together

Amazing Race: Enriching
I found the amazing race "enriching" because we were able to:
-build up courage
-participate equally (sharing the "burden")
-learn teamwork
all while having FUN!

It taught me that....

Amazing Race helped us
-bond with each other
-have courage to speak out
-to understand that co-operation is impt
-to understand that communication is impt
-participate actively in a FUN way!

Amazing race was enriching because...
-we managed to bond with eachother.
-the seniors and juniors managed to work well together.
-we managed to get to know each other better
-we finally knew how big ochard was
-I had a good time being the facillitator, as i could see my group thinking very hard to figure out the clues.
-We managed to finish the race as one group.

Amazing Race
I got to know more about places, and how to get there. I also got to know who had good navigation skills. This helped our group to follow their lead, instead of being unsure and wasting time
'S.Aishwarya :)

Amazing Race was enriching because I learnt and experienced the importance of communication. From the many detours and mistakes in routes, I realized that life is like a journey. If we ask the right people for directions, we'll succeed in the end
'Foong Chuan

I got a chance to know more about the gift volunteers. I improved my sense of direction, at least now I know where im going.LOL!!=) I enjoyed myself alot >< 'Sharnie AMAZING RACE! Basically, I found the amazing race really fun & enjoyable. We got to display teamwork and other dynamics during the game. I was really happy that everyone appeared to have a common goal and we all tried our best to accomplish the given tasks as a team. We worked towards a common goal & tried our very best ->Each team member contributed ideas and participated really actively.

The amazing race really bonded us together because we helped each other & completed the race together :D So i think it worked in the bonding & it's FUN

The bonding and communication among volunteers improved, i got to know better and made new friends ^^

I discovered that some teammates were extremely resourceful, that some teammates had their own moments of courage and spontaneity and also some sides of people I've never seen. It was positive, and I'm proud of it.
'Yao Nian

The Amazing Race was super fun!! =D "Roaming" around Orchard was kinda tiring cus usually we only choose one place. Bonding with the newer volunteers was excellent! I really got to know more abt my juniors, which was really exclusive as Ii dun think there would have been a better chance =). The
experience@SAM&8Q was and eye opener! The shattered glass pieces really caught my attention and the paper room in 8Q somehow made me feel guilty as we had to walk on paper which had English Lit one it(I think). And the art work done by Felicia Low made me feel how important family relations were, and it made me feel I had to treasure them more. I will never 4gt today's experience Eva =D

Amazing Race was Amazing
-It enabled me to see the true character of my team members.
-It brought out one's true self without one knowing it

-It helped build up one's confidence & courage

I have achieved one of the objectives which is bonding...
I have Learned so many things about my group members that I would never forget...

It really taught me how to care for my friends when they are in trouble.
For eg. When Wei Kiat hurt his foot, all of us went over and asked him if he was alright.
'ShiLei :D

Even tough Ii am new, I managed to make new friends. Even though we did not come in first, we did accomplish some teamwork.

Amazing race was enriching because...
-We Showed teamwork
-Everyone had a chance to show their strength.

It helped to foster & deepen friendship bonds among volunteers. At a personal level, those clues helped to develop our own critical thinking skills....
It was indeed an experience that I believe has had a positive impact on GOR volunteers!

Amazing race was enriching because I got to learn more about my teammates. For example, Sharnie is a really brave girl who has no qualms about approaching strangers. I also got to bond with them.(:

Amazing Race+Gift people= AWESOMENESS!

It takes courages to approach strangers whom we didn't know and sing to them. Amazing Race, took me lots of courage while approaching strangers and this will definitely help in GOR sessions. 'WeiJun

List of morals

-Live and let live
-We shape our future with our decisions
-Live with FAITH
-Honesty is the BEST policy
-Live with no regrets
-Don't be GREEDY!
-Don't judge a book by its cover
-Respect the ELDER!
-You may be good, but be HUMBLE
-Slow and steady wins the race
-Nothing is free in the world...
-Communication is important!!!
-We are authors of our own life
-Respect others but more importantly respect yourself.

Thanks GOR for planning such a good and fun camp. I really enjoyed the camp! I love all the seniors and thanks for being so kind and caring! I wish I can see you guys again :D Can't wait for Gift sessions and camp :D

Yong Quan here!


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