September 19, 2009

Wenxin here(:

This is what was discussed on.... SEPTEMBER 11, 2009.
Yeap, the date(:
The juniors first take charge on their own on this date! So memorable :D
Notes taken by Meiying.

How’s the session?

Not organized, messy
No lesson plan, snacks, attendance
Not well-prepared
Didn’t go with the theme
Played games (tom and jerry), big books (did acting related to farmer in the…)

Better than last week (planned out since 5pm; made sure everything needed is there, and session went quite well; organised)
More rowdy children shifted to darker room (sharnie and qiwei with them)
Small book, break fast in the mean time, big book (intro music from around the world, cultures, songs, dance; nadrah explained the rationale), ice cream stick handicraft (?), volunteers used torchlight to shine the room, goodbye song


Prep work good
Plenty of time to prepare
Session wasn’t smooth
Couldn’t control children at times
But not totally out of hand
So not too bad
Hello song, small book (children not very attentive), toilet break, big book, gdbye song
Pictures on the wall – used to ask children qns during break

Other comments:
Snacks – 2 volunteers 7.30pm went to buy


From Gino:
A chance to step out of their shell to be a leader
Next year no more seniors to guide them
Juniors should experience how to be a leader, first-hand what they need to do, and not just listen to given instructions, be impromptu when problem crops up (if not members will get blur as well)
Should be confident with their own ideas
Children need to be included if not will feel left out

Other comments:

First time taking charge, no one leading
Rating based on juniors ranged from 3 to 8

Gift is abt imparting the love of reading to children
Lots of time and effort are put in
At the end of the day, the children should go home feeling that they’ve benefitted something
We are not here to be clowns and make them happy
That’s why sufficient planning and leadership is needed so that we are not wasting out time
Wasn’t too impressed with today’s session
Upstairs: good. Prepared and knows what to do
Downstairs: chaotic, should have own idea of what to do for them and not ask the children
Have to walk out of comfort zone and learn to be leaders
Never let the children bully you and let them think it’s okay for them to do whatever they want
Should try and organize a more meaningful session

Today a bit chaotic
Snacks too late then buy
Some juniors don’t know how to carry on with/without lesson plan
But should already have a rough line of what the children should be doing
Xueling’s group (big book) still not bad, knew how to play out
Suggest that if no idea what activities to carry out, can do small book
(Kheng: since they came out early, can put in small book since they roughly know the plan)

Calls herself demanding
Not blaming them for not knowing what to do, since they’ve been used to being told what to do
Buying snacks so late is ridiculous
(Weishi: opened shuttle, but only realized no snacks when someone asked. Knew what to take cos she used to be there with Aini and had experience. Knew of the theme and what books to take)
Initiative problem (long ago set expectations)
Should make it a point from now onwards to know the basics, lesson plan, various roles, prep time, rehearse if there’s a play
Today had 1hr to plan but didn’t turn out well
Theme-related stuffs (even if playing games)
Xueling’s class, always xueling leading (what if she/other seniors don’t come)

Seniors: just want to know what’s going on, how prepared are they
(no comments from juniors)

Wish to go to the fundamentals (understand why they even come for Gift, personal reasons)

Nadiah- for children, the way they are (happy, learn)
Shobana- to teach them
Andala- stress-reliever
Shimin- no one used to read to her, want to read to them cos she know of its importance
Wenxin- to play
Kittyee- stress-relief
Kheng- to see her favourite children
Meiying- to see the children’s smiles
Aini- a place where she can really be happy and don’t have to worry about school stuffs
Ayam- to enjoy with both children and volunteers
Wei kiat- like children
Gino- they make him smile
Cy- to revive his childhood
Yongquan- to help children learn
Weishi- a place where she can be free, not proper, have fun
Sandy- to get along with children, teach
Zhoubo- loves reading, teach them to love reading also
Xueling- teach
Sokhian- practice on oral
Weijun- to be a child once again, can become one of them, interact more
Sharnie- babysitter of the easily disrupted children
Aishwarya- share knowledge, learn from them as well
Qiwei- love them
Jinjin- CCA, teach the children to read
Lujie- for the volunteers (children come and go)
FC- an opportunity to make changes in someone’s lives, impart love of reading
Saras- love them

A sense of belonging is impt and will affect the children that we have now
Passing on something impt is critical as well
Distinction between snrs and jnrs used to not be so distinct
Now always like there’s a gap
If we all feel that we want to do something for the children, we will all automatically plan and do
Seniors should always take the initiative to interact with juniors

Feels that xueling did quite well (boys in class listened and paid attention to her), but other juniors could be more initiated
Sometimes we don’t always have to stick to the lesson plan, can be flexible (factors like no. of children and volunteers can affect)
At least the juniors rmb the snacks, so it’s fine
Nadrah’s class, what if Nadrah is not here?
Nadrah’s class- many ppl running around in the dark room while Nadrah is controlling the rest of the class (Sharnie- doing 1-to-1) (Aini- how do they do the 1-to-1 actually?) (sharnie, qiwei- couldn’t hear)

Ø Aini- quiet corner (for problematic children that are out of control for a period of time, but talking sense to him is necessary) vs. one-to-one (those that always give excuses that they don’t want to join the class and seriously needs individual attention, to encourage the
children to join in the class)

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