Debreif for 25th September, the last session of 2009.
Notes taken by Meiying.

Each being is unique and capable of sharing love, which helps one another to overcome the obstacles. Facing ups and downs are the realities of life. Different expectations of each other (vol. and children) from different volunteers. A lot of times we face a lot of disappointments cos we have different expectations. 2 golden opportunities each year. The moment we are curious abt something, we figure out a way. Find a wayu yo contribute to the camp so that we can have it the way we’d like it to be planned out. What types of trainings/games so that we can use the camp to become better ppl to ourselves&fellow vol.

What we can improve in:
· language that we use in front of children (simple but standard proper English) – sessions for leadership skills?
· Leadership skills to discipline selves
· Games to foster a sense of teamwork btw volunteers who rarely have a chance to work tgt – less blockage in sharing of ideas
· The opportunity to get to know each and everyone much better – so it’s easier to put selves into their perspectives and where their ideas are coming from. Also is impt so that we can learn from each other
· Break the line between the junior-senior thingy
· Reading skills – for the ones who didn’t get a chance to go thr any training
· Be more vocal, self-expressing, listening to others
· Not so afraid of each other/solemn like currently (a funeral)
· Drama, mines, dance – cooperation, team work
· Bond as a whole – not in cliques, speak to each other like normal friends would, understand each other (also so that we would step out and help each other when in need)
· DRAMA – good for those who are not confident in big books; teambuilding, spontaneous
· Everyone takes initiative to help each other when they are in help, and not do nothing but stare
· Don’t let the seniors always be the ones to take the class – can take turns and have fun


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