auntie's naggin again!

hehee ppl! auntie is back again! haha. n to nag again!:P hehee. anw. if i dun nag, i can't be an auntie rite?:P

haha. yep yep. okay. jus heard frm some n observed it myself. tt e crowd control is nt v good or rather nt hard to maintain. n i mean controllin e children n giving out instructions in big grps. yep. i've also tried for myself on sat. it's really nt easy. n jus some tricks tt we can use: silent clap, "focus" thingy n if really desperate, i suggested putting fingers on lips. yep. bt my point is jus wat i've said during fri's debrief: it's to NOT give up n jus keep trying! dun get pissed w e children k! nor be angry w them. yep. this is sth so true after i went into e green grp last fri. at first during week 2 or 3. i alr observed tt e green class is so noisy n e children seriously dun listen. n coz e children were so disobedient, i actually didn't like e class alot. until e last fri wen i went into their class n i realised tt even e naughtiest children actually had their "cute" side. n i really mean it. yep. bt too bad tt was alr my last week. so i wun be able to like play w them alr. unless they come back nxt term. yep yep. jus wanna say tt all children are cute! jus dun give up on them n dun flare up at them k!(: keep trying!:D

n also mentioned in fri's debrief alr. do work as a team k! be it in ur own classes or as a whole fri team or as a whole gift team. yep. there's no leader-follower system in gift k! we all work tgt! yep yep. n sorry tt i arranged ICs for like e classes/overall/logistics n even this planning for last week's activity. bt i jus think tt havin an IC helps to facilitates things. yep. make sure things work. hee. bt tis doesn't mean these ICs can bully ppl k! haha. bt so far they haven't been!:P hehee. yep. so jus work tgt k!

seniors, try letting juniors run e sessions k! bt dun leave them alone n start talkin at e back k! help them control naughty students n help them make their silent claps louder, their instructions heard n do come in n help control e crowd wen it gets out of hand k! help each other!(:

n for e last week's activity, can i suggest tt u guys cut short e drama thingy? still keep it coz i think it wld be a good experience for e junior team to try working things out on their own w.o e seniors being around to guide/help. n in a sense let u guys try out new things tt maybe u all didn't dare to try?:P hee. yep. bt maybe put more focus on another activity coz this drama thingy doesn't involve the children. they wld still be sitting there. get them moving n it's really more fun n enjoyable wen u've children screaming u see!:P sat class, dun forget to play a few rounds of tom n jerry k! their fav!!:P haha.

yep. n wen u guys gather e children tgt. if children frm diff classes start like running around tgt or talking n ignoring ur instructions. rmb e simplest thing to do is to form human barriers k! = volunteers stand 1 line to separate e diff grps so tt they can't see each other nor talk across. yep. be proactive k everyone(: be v alert n react fast if situations get out of control! hee.

n also a v good thing to do is to like tell ur class to show to e other 2 classes tt they can behave better than them:P haha. a bit like teachin e children to compete. bt i guess it works? haha. yep. n do sth like getting them to promise u they wld behave(den can get them to like hi-5 w u as a form of promise. pls dun get them to raise 3 fingers n start to like swear/vow k! haha. too serious!) yep n if they get too noisy. remind them bout e promise they made to u!(: yep yep(: haha. bt if they do get a bit excited wen they see their friends frm other classes, dun be too harsh on them la hor. it's norm:P

n for e 2 conference rooms, pls rmb e first thing u guys need to do wen u get into the class is to on e lights properly! i also dunno hw, bt jus keep pressing n turning e knob-switch! yep yep. impt k! haha.

n rmb esp for e 2 conference rooms' grps too. rmb to contain ur volume within ur own grp during small grp reading k! if nt e room becomes v noisy. yep yep.

n for e green grp. remind children nt to shout wor. tell them u can hear them. dun need to shout. yep yep(:

n for everyone, jus rmb tt if u promise ur children some things. mus do it. n jus like if u say sth, do it k! if let's say u tell them to raise their hands if they wan to talk, make sure u implement it n ignore those who talk w.o raising their hands k! bt of coz after ignoring them, need tell them why u ignore them!:P hehee. yep.

anw a suggestion. u guys can make some things for ur children as small gifts. stickers nt a bad idea:P haha. not compulsory. bt if u wan to buy them some stuff den go ahead. yep(: n if u only wan to give to a few(hehee. nt v good. bias:P) do it secretly k! dun let other children noe!:P haha. yep.

tt's all i've. rmb to work as a team n help out e ICs k! n do be prepare n decide on wat time to reach for e last day of sessions so as to prepare for sessions earlier k!(: yep yep. jiayou ppl! as i've said many times, u guys can do it man!:D

anw. i'm nt like teaching u guys wat to do or instructing u guys k! jus sharing n suggestions. dun haf to follow strictly hor!(:

P.S: i practised wat i said, i'm nt treatin myself as a leader nor treatin u guys as my followers!:D

auntie aka kheng(:


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