Lesson plan for session 2! (23 Jan/24 Jan)

Volunteers, Well Done! The first Gift session for 2009 went quite successfully. Thanks for your cooperation and efforts in handling the children well. However, more adventure still awaits in SESSION 2! Hehe.. xD


Please take note that there are now 3 classes during Fri sessions and 1 class on the Sat session.

Friday Session
-Red Grp IC : Chee Yang (conference room 1)
-Green Grp IC : Nadiah (conference room 2)
-Orange Grp IC : Aini (Dance Studio 2)

Saturday Session
-Purple Grp IC : Qian Hui (Dance Studio 1)

You are all old enough to understand the theme, right? ;-D .. So, here's the plan...
1) When the session starts, the snacks IC (make sure you know your roles! :D) will tell the children that there will be no snacks for the day as he/she has misplaced the entire bag of snacks.
2) The expected reaction from the children is that they will start blaming the snacks IC and will begin to sulk and moan.
3) The snacks IC will appear very sad, and leave the class crying.
4) The respective Grp ICs will explore with their children in small groups about 'not pushing the blame on others' and to take responsibility in setting things right. Discuss what the children can do to help the snacks IC. In a big group help the snack IC trace back his steps and recall where he might have left the bag of snacks. Pretend to find it and return to the room with the snacks.
5) At the end of the session, the children could apologize to the snack IC (for their unfriendly behaviour at the beginning) before they receive their snack :)

Mini Skit
1) A child(volunteer 1) is walking around the classroom
2) He trips over and falls down
3) He blames one of the children for causing him to trip and fall
4) The teacher(volunteer 2) will be standing right behind him as he blames the other child
5) The teacher will explain that it is not right to blame others for his own fault
Big Book : Clown In The Well
Grp ICs, please prepare before hand with your volunteers on how you are going to present this book to the children. Remember to show the theme clearly, k?.. :D
Since there are now 3 Grps for Fri session, Grp ICs should discuss at which 20min slot each Grp is going to do big book reading as the 3 Grps will be sharing the book.

Small Book Reading
- Volunteers please choose your books during the preparation time and read once through
- Make sure that the book you choose is relavant to the theme and is suitable for the children
- Use your creativity to link the theme to the story and explore the theme with the children

I am very sure that everyone will cooperate and make this another successful session!



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