session for 29 and 30 august

For reading we will be doing big books. Try to choose books which are more related to the theme? This week the theme is still "Body Movements". I'm sorry, I made a mistake last week, it's not "Body Parts".

Then we'll be singing the 5 songs we sang last week, but this time, with lyrics for the children to follow (:

If there's enough time, we might be playing "Simon Says". For the movements, please relate them to the movements you can find in the big book! For example, the books says, "the monkeys climbed the coconut trees," then we will say "simon says try to climb the tree!" Okay? (:

If you are free on this thursday, you can meet us at 3pm at the shutters. If you are coming, then please inform either Wenxin, Yaonian, or me (meiying). Check your contact list for the numbers? (:

That's all, bye!


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