16 August 2008 Photos

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Lucas and Haiqal... Haiqal styled his hair himself!

Anyway we started talking about Olympics while Kheng Hwee went around busying herself with the other classes / getting things in place. We started naming all the sports played in the Games, and Lucas told me there's boxing. I didn't know that but that night I was at home watching Olympics when they showed the boxing part. So there's REALLY boxing!

I was amazed (ohkay i'm noob-), one new thing learned from the kids!

Lucas is so damn cute!

Then we started playing imaginary basketball[: We just ran around pretending to dribble, shoot, or make passes. Was kind'a cute but really fun!

Adriana playing with baby.

Gabrielle teaching me how to sing "You are my sunshine". Wanted to learn the 2nd part, but she suddenly forgot. HAHA. Guess what, I've NEVER heard the 2nd part before, and the lyrics seem more complicated that the part that we all know.

[: Finally saw Alirah on Friday! I was in the Special Class doing small book when twin told me Alirah was here, so I dashed out and went to wenxin's class and got really excited when I saw Alirah.

Then I saw Mrs T addressing the kids, so I just grabbed Alirah and ran out the room. Then I brought her to Special Class (with her mom's permission) and played with her. She started singing along with the rest (albeit really softly because she doesn't know how to talk yet). She'll be attending pre-school next year already, I really hope she grows up a little faster so that I can talk to her! [:


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