What's the value of Gift?

Gift tells you so much about yourself
tells you what kind of person you are
when your parents aren't watching
your teachers aren't watching
your friends aren't watching
and all you have to answer to is a bunch of strangers
and yourself

now you can go ahead
and ignore that whole bunch of strangers
but you can't run away
from answering to yourself

so Gift, plain as can be,
is a mirror from which we see
our clearest reflection

do we take the initiative to help?
when the children run wild, do we run away?
are we listening, when others share?
when the children need us, are we there?

or waiting for others to solve our problems
or busy chatting amongst ourselves
or making plans for where to go later
or worse, talking about the hot visitor :P

there is so much that we can learn from Gift
but only if we keep our eyes open
learning about ourselves is life's most important lesson
and yet it's one that no one can teach us


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