Grand Grand Briefing

February 02, 2007

Dear Volunteers,

This Saturday, we will be having 2 activities at Taman Jurong CC. Firstly, we will have our briefing for the lesson plans for the coming year; secondly, we will be meeting the new volunteers for the first time, recruited through your schools as well as through recommendations by some of our grassroots leaders.

The programme for the day is as follows:

Date: 3 Feb 2007
Venue: Taman Jurong CC, Level 4, Conference Room
Time: 12-2pm - Lesson Plan briefing
2-3.30pm - New volunteer orientation

Please come for both sessions. Much care and attention has been put by Waimin and Huihui into lesson planning, as you will find out on Saturday. From what I know, Aidah and Peilin have also further refined on how we should carry out the lesson plans, and it will be interesting and important to hear from them as well.

This year, more than ever, we aim to start Gift of Reading well-prepared to serve the needs of our children. We now have 150 children, 30 more than last year, spread over our Monday and Saturday sessions. We will also have over 30-40 new volunteers, recruited in part to stand in for those of you who are facing your crucial examinations later this year. In short, we will have many more faces being a part of Gift of Reading this year.

What this means for us is that, more than ever, there is a need for us to conduct our sessions well in the next three months; so that the new volunteers can learn from us, and continue to spirit and service of Gift; and so that the children of Gift of Reading will enjoy coming back to learn, session after session, as we end their day filling them with a deep sense of curiosity and inquiry. (Aren't you curious as well how this is going to be achieved? Come and find out!)

Even for those of you who will be unable to come for sessions regularly this year, please come and join in the sessions to meet the new volunteers. As I said before during the camp, every one of you who have served in Gift carry a flame (either a torch or a candle!) - it's important that you come and help pass the flame on. Another piece of good news for this group: Even though you will not be able to come regularly, if you are willing, Kish and I have created a special role that you can play that will be very beneficial for the continual development of Gift. So come be a part of our day.

Join us on Saturday then! See you all soon.


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