Campfire's over.. But the Flame burns stronger than ever!!!

December 17, 2006

Hi all!

I was actually supposed to start on my holiday homework, but can't help it when memories of the camp keep flashing through my mind. Guess that's why i share with you all how i feel.

I was really touched during the debrief to hear what you all have shared. It has been quite some time since I have been with a group of people who are so passionate towards something. Thanks for rekindling the flicking flame in me. To be honest, throughout this year, there have been thoughts and contemplation on when should i start to let go of Gift. I believe i had mentioned during last year's dec camp that we (old ppl) may not be able to be as active as before. However, something always tells me to hang on and not let go and lose sight of this wonderful Gift even when i feel that i may not be able to contribute actively through weekly reading sessions.

This afternoon, i finally realised what this 'something' is. It is 'LOVE'! Quoting what Sinee and Peilin said, 'Gift is built on the basis of love'. This is a special place where i feel genuine friendships are being forged. Heck about the difference in age, schools or background. This simple word, be it Love for the kids or Love for the people around us has brought us together and kept us going.

We only fear losing something we treasure. But rather than continuing living in such subtle fear and doing nothing, we should continue working on moulding this unique culture and pass on the flame and light up the hearts of people around us. Just like the "Mystery Person:Reveal" last night, even though a gust of wind may cause your flame to flicker or even blow off your flame temporary, as long as the wick is there, your mind remain open to serve, and your heart still treasure those precious memories, it wouldn't be long before someone comes along to rekindle your flame.

We often don't dare to share our true feelings or reveal our inner self to others for fear that we would be judged upon. I hope that the Wonderland Concept has open up doors for us to look deeper into ourselves and others, and be able to view situations in perspective.

Do continue to acknowledge one anothers' efforts as in the Daily Testimonial as being appreciated is a fundamental yet powerful driving force for all :)

Well, its time to end this post and I hope you all have enjoyed the camp and have taken away something significant with you!

Chen Lujie

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