Of Bicycles and Studies

Sigh... still waiting for someone to have the courage to post! *Quick glance at LJ*

Chances are that unless your surname is Zhang and you're very hardworking (heh heh), you'll probably be struggling with your results a bit. When I was a student it was no different, and it took every bit of strength in me to tell myself: "Young Victor (I was indeed young then), you are a much more wonderful human being than your chemistry and A-maths scores suggest. Cheer up!"

You may be what you eat, but you are definitely not what you score in tests. Each and every one of us has strengths and untapped potential in a vast number of areas. (If you don't believe this, drop me an email and I will tell you what your strengths are.) Don't let yourself be discouraged by what you haven't been doing well in - look at yourself holistically to appreciate your own strengths, continue to have faith, and don't get lazy at your schoolwork.

One realisation I've had is this: There are no real shortcuts when it comes to our education system, with the exception of you spending time increasing your learning ability. Just like riding a bicycle - if you want to be lazy, you have to invest in a bicycle with bigger wheels. But you still gotta peddle.

Take heart and try getting a RedSpot TYS which has good explanations for each answer. (No, I don't get any commission...) I really want to see all of you doing well, let me know how I can help and I will do my best, given whatever deadline we have to meet together.

I haven't done enough to be the best friend of any one of you, and of course that isn't my goal. But if you have problems and you find it difficult to talk to anyone, please feel free to look for me - I am resourceful, non-judgemental and will absolutely not discuss your personal matters with anyone. I may not be free for meetings and activities, but I will definitely give time to anyone who is in need.

My promise.


My History teacher advised us not to buy RedSpot TYS coz' the answers are provided by students who just took the exams and some answers are not very reliable...

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