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hello people :D

ok so last saturday i was at the library with khenghwee after the session. and i was so excited over the children's books there! the 5-7 years old range of books is like wow... even me, at the age of 15+, is amused by some of the books there. totally captivating. so i borrowed 3. and i asked kheng to borrow too.. so we can use those books for 2 or 3 weeks before returning them and borrowing new ones- we can fully utilise them by swopping with one another each time. as you all noe, the books we have are really limited and mostly :X material. and you ppl can go borrow too :D



thanks peilin. let's try that out while we accumulate more books of our own. :) - victor
hahahaha i dont know what to say. victor, you're getting old. entry was posted by sinee:D (i am having my AMATH tuition at the time, remember?!!)
shit, actually i remembered after i typed out that comment hurriedly and then had to log off. i had hoped no one would notice so that I could delete it when i got back, but... wups. :p - Victor
wups, i also realise i shldn't start my comments with the four-letter-'s'-word huh? :p sorry!

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