Blog Makeover

After several months, I finally got this design up and running. My apologise for the delays but I had to clean up the coding several times before releasing it, or there would be further bugs and changes thereafter.

Just a note to all GoR-ers, please contact those in the Blogging team to integrate your current blogger account with the group blog so you can post under your own name. Otherwise if you insist it's too troublesome to sign up, just login with the main account.

For any further assistance regarding login details, reporting bugs and such, contact either Cass, Melissa, Aran, Jason or Damien (these people are under blog team).


Anonymous said…
Is it possible to educate us on how to post?? Thanks. Anyway, well done on the design, I really love it! :D
Damien said…
Certainly, I'll write-up a simple instruction and maybe put here, or mass email.

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