Long awaited entry.. lol

To victor: ok, okiez, okai.. caught ur glance, hints n everything else possible to urge me to type something..lol

Hm.. how should i start? (does it have to be in standard english?)

To me, Gift of Reading (GOR) is something very special, a name that holds great memories, efforts, hardwork, commitments and most importantly.. FRIENDSHIP!
Looking back, it has been less than 1 yr ago when we first met together as volunteers for GOR at the first ever GOR training camp at NACLI. At that time, I would never have expected GOR to have evolved to such a scale and to hold so many fond memories and experiences that we share today.

Right now, i can confidently say that GOR is not just a project, not just a commitment, not just an obligation to fulfil.. but something more, much much more. It has become an avenue where i learn new things every session, gain new experiences, find new satisfaction and most important of all, a place where i can find a sense of belonging, a place where many of my friends are, a place that holds great friendship:) It is no longer the CIP hours that pull us together, its the bond and satisfaction that holds us firmly together, wanting to achieve more in GOR.. This is something i really treasure:) N i'm sure everyone does!

Me, yida n kaihan are the few 'old' people who have seen GOR evolved, from an idea to a project, from primary school children to pre-sch kids, from serving the PCF kids to Taman Jurong kids.. many things have changed, many new friends have joined us, many improvements have been made.. but what hasn't change is the passion and the eagerness to see the kids every session and hope to see the *SMILES* spreading across the faces of each and every single one of them.. this passion just grows stronger...

hahaz.. now, even GOR has become more high-tech. Making use of blogs as means of communications ( what happened to our 2 hand-written diaries?? whoops.. lol) Hahaz.. really look forward to see more pictures of the happenings during our GOR session.. The only 'regret' i had over the past yr is not taking enough pictures and archiving those fond memories that we had together at GOR sessions. Hmm, maybe this will be a good avenue to start :)


haha... Thanks Lujie! :)

Something encouraging happened today. We were doing a Block Visit today, and one of the grassroots leaders in the Advance Party was asking this resident whether he had any feedback to give. Guess what he said?

"Gift of Reading is very good... every week my daughter looks forward to going for it."

So they called for me to come down to the unit so that I could hear the positive feedback myself. Aidah was with me, and it turns out that this girl is a girl in Aidah's group!

The parent could have said something else or not mentioned Gift of Reading... but he did. And that goes to show that what we do IS already making an impact, never mind that we are still a little disorganised at the moment, because we'll just improve whatever needs to be improved - there's no race to be perfect, as long as we don't stagnate.

I hope I'll hear many more of this kind of feedback in future Block Visits. Meanwhile, ganbatte! - Victor
oh yah - no it doesn't have to be in standard english, but it's gd practice. - victor
good entry good entry:D!
(i commented!:D)
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gee. like that also can... -.-''' can you see where your eyes are looking in that photo i mentioned? - victor (ps. i did not delete an actual comment, was playing around with the 'delete' function)
i know. i saw it. i was looking at yida! i swear!:D
somehow i dun really feel that passion i used to feel long ago... during the monday nights. something is lacking now. and i am sorry to say that gift doesn't make me that happy person it used to anymore. and yes, friendships.. somehow noone is trying hard enough to keep them alive.

everything feels so different from -last time- .


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